Molli is an independent design studio, become a multidisciplinary firm, we've grown and expanded our services, offering a variety of services & solutions for diverse customers!

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We value the experimentation, the reformation of the message, and the smart incentives that form the follows function!

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Our agency can only be as strong as our people and because of this, our team have run their own businesses.

Our Mission

Product is the vital essence of what we do, and truly great products are born of meticulous planning and process.

Our Values

One of our values in Celia agency is “Beauty in Simplicity” because we love making things simple & intuitive.

Our Results

We thank each of our clients and their projects; thanks to them we have grown and built what we are today.

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Beauty In Simplicity

Product Is The Vital
Essence Of What We Do!

Molli is an independent design studio founded in London. Nowadays, we’ve grown and expanded our services, and have become a multidisciplinary firm, offering a variety of services & solutions for diverse customers Worldwide.



The first step is to take the projects data & think about it!


Concept Prototype

To know about the product, customers & the competitors.


Design Layout

Start to work on the design taking with the collected data.



Reach a conclusion from the investigations about the product.

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Michael Jr Brian

Branding Expert

Chris M Wensel
Chris M Wensel

Art Director

Richard Muldoone
Richard Muldoone

CEO & Founder

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Home Tour, Modern Framehouse.

These form when moisture from a drippy glass or a hot dish gets trapped in the finish. To remove a long-standing stain, place a towel on top and press with a warm, dry iron for five seconds.

New trends in the Vintage Style Design.

Candle wax and crayon respond well to ice. Fill a plastic bag with ice cubes, wrap it in a towel, place it on the stain until it hardens; carefully coax wax off with a plastic spatula.

Master the skills of Design

We tested and found effective. Dab a scratch with the lightest marker in the kit, then use a darker one if needed. Wipe off the excess a soft cloth before it dries, and finish with a polish.